jeudi 5 juin 2014

For Maia

For you Maia, my dear niece, who asked how I did these pictures.
Pour toi, Ma chère nièce, qui m'a demandé comment on faisait ces illustrations.

This is the sketch I draw first, with a simple pencil.

Then, I make a fast colour lay-out.
Within Photoshop, I place colours and lights.

Before the final colourisation, the drawing has to be cleaned : 
it's enlarged to its final dimension and resolution, and re-executed out of the first sketch.

Finally, the final colourisation is made with Photoshop, with plenty of details such as textures, ornamentations, special effects etc. To this end, we work with  brushes I made in Photoshop, to fill out the sky with stars, or the hills with flowers, for exemple.
We tint the outlines to give depth to the scenery.

Well, hope that it'll be interesting for you. 
Do not hesitate and ask me anything if you want to.
Good luck Maia,
and see you soon !

3 commentaires:

  1. le cerné noir est fait sur la tablette graphique ou à "la main" ( feutre,pinceau,rotring) ?

  2. Ceux qu'on voit ici sont faits à la tablette.

  3. Est-ce que tu as fait d'autres dessins d'anges que tu pourrais mettre ici pour qu'on compare?


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